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Written by Rachel Poliquin

Follow Elmer (beaver), Rosalie (mole), Eno (ostrich) and Olenka (eel) on their adventures in the informative, laugh-out-loud, fact-filled series The Superpower Field Guides. Introducing middle-graders (young and old) to the most underated members of the animal kingdom...

First published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (US) 
Editor: Kate O’Sullivan
Designer: Whitney Leader-Picone

“Peppy pictures... give the entire enterprise a retro 50s look and feel... Poliquin’s writing and Frith’s art do the subject matter justice.
And child readers will, as one, become beaver enthusiasts (and possible nature conservationists as well) as a result.”
- Betsy Bird, SLJ

︎"Freestyle illustrations.. add both visual detail and further lighthearted notes..."- Booklist, starred review


︎"On almost every page, Frith’s freestyle animal portraits, cutaway views, and glimpses of the casually dressed author scouting out facts echo the narrative’s exuberant tone as well as significant portions of its content. Readers will never again regard these “bionic burrowers” as pests—or, at least, not as ordinary ones." - Booklist, starred review

"Following series opener Beavers (2018), another field guide and another nuanced look at an underappreciated species... Pick up a copy."
- Kirkus


︎ "Fact-filled and entertaining text supported by pictures reminiscent of vintage comic books. Frith’s ink, pencil, and wax crayon illustrations range from simple line drawings to delicately detailed close-ups of feathers and eyelashes, and occasional splashes of muted colors reinforce the bygone pulp-fiction vibe..."- Booklist, starred review