A Werewolf Named Oliver James

 One moonlit night, a strange thing happens to Oliver James... He unexpectedly turns into a werewolf!
Suddenly, getting the bus home isn’t so easy. But he soon discovers that being a werewolf isn’t so bad. He can run faster than a train, leap higher than a tall building, and lift a truck with his bare (hairy) hands!
But what on earth will his parents say, when he finally gets home?

Praise for A Werewolf Named Oliver James:

“Terrific entertainment: an energetic text with not a single superfluous word and terrific retro style artwork...
and a supremely satisfying, double helix of a final twist.”
- Books For Keeps

First published by Alison Green Books (an imprint of Scholastic UK)
Editor: Alison Green / Art Director: Zoë Tucker

Hello, Mr Dodo!

 Dodos don't still exist, do they?...
That's what Martha thought, until she found one living in the woods behind her house.
Reading up on the original fate of the dodo, Martha- a keen bird-spotter - decides not to tell anyone about her new friend.
But can she really keep such a big feathery secret from the rest of the town?

Praise for Hello, Mr Dodo!:

"The story is altogether charming, and the pacing and comedic timing are spot-on. What's more, Frith's playful, vibrant illustrations are enormously appealing . . . Well suited for reading aloud, this bright, cheerful book is a winning choice for any picture book collection."
School Library Journal

"Frith paints with splashy tropical hues to create lush and energetic illustrations. The playful story and expressive artwork meld into a sweet tale of friendship, with just the right amount of whimsy." - Booklist

First published by Alison Green Books (an imprint of Scholastic UK) 
Editor: Alison Green / Art Director: Zoë Tucker

Hector and Hummingbird

 Deep in the mountains of Peru an unlikely friendship unfolds, between a noisy hummingbird and a bear who just wants to find some peace and quiet.
But when Hector (the bear) stomps off to be alone, he soon finds out that life isn't quite the same without his noisy friend.  

An odd couple story that takes in the old adage, “You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.”

Praise for Hector and the Hummingbird:

︎ "Visually stunning work . . . The tale is simple and universal, the setting is fresh, and it all works. Lovely." - Kirkus, starred review

︎ "A terrific debut." - Publishers Weekly, starred review

"Marvelous screen-print-style illustration . . . Readers will connect with Hector's frustration over being pestered, and be won over by Hummingbird's enthusiastic take on friendship." - Booklist

First published by Alison Green Books (an imprint of Scholastic UK)
Editor: Alison Green / Art Director: Zoë Tucker