Where can I buy your books?

Available in, or to order from, all good local book shops (in UK, France, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada and beyond).  

Also available from the publishers websites, the usual high street chains, and internet behemoths. etc. etc.

Where can I buy your greetings cards?

They can be bought direct, online from:
And are also available from various brick-n-mortar stockists worldwide.

Do you sell prints of your work?

Not a present. 

How do you produce your work?

My work is generally produced using a mixture of black ink, pencil and wax crayon, on paper.  It is created in layers, in a method often known as ‘preseparation’ or ‘preseparated art’. It is then scanned and prepared digitally on photoshop for printing and such.

What is Preseparated art?

In it’s basic form, it means that a separate piece/layer of art is created for each colour used in the final illustration. The layers then come together when printed to produce the final colour illustration. Secondary and tertiary colours are created where colour layers overlap.
The method of ‘preseparated art’ was a popular practice in Children’s book publishing for much of the 20th Century, mainly due to economic and technical reasons.
I’m no expert or historian, so… HERE, on the University of Minnesota Libraries website, is a more detailed explanation and history of ‘preseparated art’. Should you be interested.

What are spot colours?

Spot colours are basically specific colours. They are premixed, if you will, and not created through a process like the four colour (cmyk) process printing. One benefit of spot colours is their vibrancy - what you see is kinda what you get. Spot colours are also often referred to as Pantone, or Special colours.
Again, I’m no expert, so…
HERE, on the Pantone website, is a better and more detailed explanation.

Have you always had a career in Illustration?

No. I spent 15 years waiting tables, serving pizza, making coffee and pouring beer... Amongst other things before this.